Tuesday, February 11, 2020

American Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Politics - Essay Example Madison successfully helped in winning the Constitution ratification after the constitution (Kernell, Jacobson & Kousser, 2012). Madison, with his knowledge on various forms of government, blended the principles of governance that had a profound effect on American Constitution. He noticed that small scale republics were coupled with problems due to their sizes. Also, he noticed from studies that confederated form of governance was not the best. He embarked on an alternative Constitutional design that avoided these shortcomings. This alternative Constitutional framework was introduced by Virginia delegates and named the Virginia Plan at the Convention. In his writing, he made it clear that governance administered over men by men was to be constituted in such a way that it could control itself and those whom it governs (Kernell & Smith, 2013). The Virginia Plan can be said to compose of the following notable features as listed in what follows; these features paved way to the most demon strative constitutional reforms in the history of America. 1) Two chamber legislature; a representation in each chamber based on state population. 2) Lower chamber of the legislature elected by the citizens of each state; upper chamber, executive, and courts elected by the lower house. 3) Legislature can make any law regarding any national problem. 4) Legislature can veto state legislation that it believes conflicts with national laws or the constitution. 5) Council of Revision (composed of executive and the court) can veto legislation passed by the national legislature, but legislature can override by majority vote (Kernell, Jacobson & Kousser, 2012). According to the Virginia Plan, the apportioning of both houses was to be done according to the contributions of states or the numbers of inhabitants. It was obviously the just way of ensuring that equality and standard representation by all. The larger populations were obviously supported in this reasoning though much thought also co uld be regarded in smaller states’ inclusion. This would have ensured equity and equality as larger states would have parted with some portions of power. Though this inclusion was seen by others as giving too much power to the people than expected, the people of America were more inclusive and united in decision making (Kernell, Jacobson & Kousser, 2012). The Plan supported the formation of a national executive. This national executive was to dispense a much more authoritative power than the then unicameral, feeble regime that was in existence then. The national government would wield much power effectively without states being coerced into action. Since it was a national issue, many people would be served inclusively and effectively. This national executive was to serve the whole country. As a national figure, the national executive gave the overall view of a democratic representation (Kernell & Smith, 2013). It is common knowledge that if the states are given the power to s elect the senate, the system would just be flawed and democratically misguided. The senate was thus selected by members of the lower house. In doing this, both houses would have been made as independent as possible. In fact, this might have enabled the defense of the minorities much easier. Also, the enforcement of this law would

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