Sunday, March 15, 2020

Woodrow Wilson essays

Woodrow Wilson essays Woodrow Wilson; From Passive Progressive to War-time President Woodrow Wilson was a great president. His early administration was very much a part of stabilizing the disinergrating American economy at the time, as well as channeling foreign concerns, with peaceful realities. He was elected president in both 1912, and 1917, both trips to Whitehorse meant something different to Wilson. The country was also in different moods and circumstances. Looking at Wilson's first and second Innagurational addresses, as well as his well schemed fourteen points peace treaty, one can get a good understanding of the change Wilson went through from one term to the other. Bring 1912. The country is growing as a world economic contender, but at what cost? Children were being put to work as young as 7 years old, because of the size of their fingers, and hands to get where grown men couldn't. America was loosing its innocence to the textile, and machinery factories that developed out of reconstruction. Woodrow Wilson was an up and coming progressive Democrat that believed strongly in workforce reform, as well as economic renewal. His competition in the election of 1912 brought a very famous and also progressive Theodore Roosevelt, running as an independent. The Republican Party nominated William Taft as their vote for the president. Wilson won because of his realistic, down to earth ideas of workplace reconstruction. In his first Inaugural address, it is apparent to see his views. Through the first part of the speech, Wilson recognizes the nation is looking for a good laize-faire president. "No one can mistake the purpose for which the nati on now seeks to use the Democratic Party." Roosevelt, a Progressive Party candidate, and Taft, a Republican, believed in the big business plan. Woodrow Wilson believed that this was a threat to liberty, in many cases he's right. Wilson recognizes the need for change. In the forth part of his ...

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