Thursday, November 21, 2019

Draft of the Baltic Sea in Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Draft of the Baltic Sea in Germany - Essay Example First of all, the mines were constructed on fragile ecosystems and hence endangering the survival of wolverines, ptarmigan and also fishmillion (Boutilier & Black 2013). Secondly, the cultural and social lives of the areas like Ekati have been disrupted. Lastly due to inadequate regulatory frameworks in Canada there is no provision that the long term and environmental effects will be handled but the companies in the long term. Just to take an example of Victor mines, the environmental pollutions include the fact that 100,000 m3of salty water is pumped into river Attawapiskatmillion (Boutilier & Black 2013). Consequently, this leads to endangered aquatic lives. Another risk is that 1.2 million cubic meter of muskeg will be cleared. In addition to that, the Methyl mercury released by dewatering muskeg is potentially risky to the environment. In a different aspect, an estimate of 2.5 million rocks from the mines are dumped anywhere in the environment each yearmillion (Boutilier & Black 2013). Some of the rocks are environmental hazards since some contain dangerous chemicals which are swept into the water reservoirs. Last but not least, the area surrounding the mine is the home of woodland caribou and endangered species. This means that the lives of these animals will be further endanger. In conclusion, it is important for each country to make sure that before activities such as mining are approved, both short and long-term effects should be considered. The exploration in Canada should be an example to other countries in the mining industry. Legitimizing industry and multi-sectorial regulation of cumulative impacts: A comparison of mining and energy development in Athabasca, Canada and the Hunter Valley, Australia. Resources Policy, 38(4),

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