Thursday, May 23, 2019

E-Business, Opportunities And Threats

The most way of retribution In the Internet Is by paying with credit card. The furrow website could be hacked by cyber-hacker and he could steal the credit card numbers of the guests of the business. How to solve the enigma? The company should flip sure that their ashes is protected and safe from any viruses, so the company must install anti-virus softw be and do regular update for it to ensure that their system is safe well. Also the company should always make a back-up for Its data and never switch off the firewall. Communication with customersSome sentences, while employee of the company talks with customer through the email, the customer might have in his/her computer a virus and this virus sent itself to the computer of the company and affected it. How to solve the problem? The company should save its data by backing-up It at safe devices. Also It should Install antl-vlrus software the will scan every downloaded file before the employee adequate to(p) It. The company mus t Inform Its employees about email attachments from customers or unknow emails and how danger they could be to the company computers.Promote Products Some companies promote their products through sending it to customers by email, and this way of promoting Is affect to reputation of the company as It Is annoying or It considered as not acceptable. How to solve the problem? If the company wants to promote its product through sending it to customer by email, it should do it at good way like reducing number of Images, never attach weird files or puffy size files, and the subject of the email should be simple and understandable.Provide data Some companies do not have the security In their websites, so It could be hacked by yber-hacker and he might change or de permite the information that will make the company at hard situation. How to solve the problem? The company should back-up its data, conjure up its system to be strong & secure, and make regular scan for the system. Also the fir ewall must always switched on and having updated an anti-virus software. Operational Implication trends Natlonal Ba KOT Banraln Is respond to E-Buslness ana nas develope a nls servlces because of several emulous forces.Expectations and product fulfillment Because of modern technology, NBB is providing its operate through E-Business to uit and cover the expectation of their customers such as checking the balance, transfer funds, payments and to fulfill their zest and demand. client expectation Because of high customers expectation at this time, NBB developed its website to make it very quick to load that have the ability to contain and serve splits of customers. Information of the service that NBB offer are available, also NBB website has zero of annoying pop-ups and there is space to customers to leave feedback to enhance the services.Increased competition Because of the increasing of competition that BBK offers set of services at its website, NBB is always tried to recruit the finest, creative, and talented people that will enhance the process of NBB services and this will raise the competition. Also NBB is offering impudently loans plan from time to time and offer many type of debit and credit cards. New get outrs NBB try to not give the opportunity to other radical banks for being best than NBB, NBB develops its website to make it much easier and easier and simple to use like provide answers of frequently asked questions FAQs.Also it is offer transfer funds, credit card and loan payment can be made through the website as well. Also NBB has one of the biggest network ATM services around Bahrain. Strategic implications of trends on organizations Competitive pressures Because of BBK competitive activities that allow its customers to check their inquire about their balance, transfer amounts check online statement NBB is compete to make its services better in different aspects such as hiring qualified, who are reliable, organized to enhance the process, h ave problem solving skills and deep knowledge n E-Business.And offer their services with affordable prices. Relocations, takeovers, closures and mergers NBB has ATM card which let the customer with draw money from other ATM that belong to other banks in a competitive prices. Refocusing business Through NBB website, a lot of people know about NBB and its service. ADVANTI Operational implication trends Expectations and product fulfillment Because of modern technology, Advanti is providing its services through E-Business to suit and cover the expectation of their customers and to fulfill their desire and demand.Customer expectation Because of customers expectation that they expect they will find there requires at Advantl weDslte. Advantl Improved Its weDslte to De slmple ana delicate to use. I ne website domain name is simple and easy to remember. Also Advanti provide pictures, description of its products and provide detail of the prices, policy and condition. The text format colors is comfortable to be seen. Increased competition Because of competitors activities like ALWASAT Computers that provide many types of delivery services , Advanti now ship its product to GCC countries.Advanti provide ervice of deliver the products door to door and offer discount on some products from time to time. It is also offers gift cards. New providers Because of quick and remarkable presence of AL-Wasat Computers that offers many number of brands, Advanti offers the most unique computer accessories and at affordable prices. It is also known of its faster shipping and its guarantee that the product will arrived safety. Advanti encourage its customers, its offer coupon to the customer that buys from Advanti through online. Because of the competitive pressure that A1-Wasat Computers try its best to clear ustomer base.Advanti goals is to satisfy the customer as much as possible and compete to make its services better in different aspects such as hiring qualified, who are reliable, organized to enhance the process, have problem solving skills and deep knowledge in E-Business. And offer their services with affordable prices. Relocations, takeovers, closures and mergers Advanti is co-corporate with FedEx through shipping the products to customers. Refocusing business Through Advanti website, Advanti have a big customer base a lot of people know about Advanti and its products.

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