Thursday, May 30, 2019

Nick Hornbys High Fidelity Essay example -- Nick Hornby High Fidelity

Nick Hornbys High FidelityIn Nick Hornbys High Fidelity, the main character, Rob, relates medical specialty to every aspect of his life. He utilizes music as an escape from his anxieties regarding his failing record store, relationship, and sense of self. Music provides Rob with the inspiration that keeps him goingRecords have helped me to glitter in love, no question. I hear something new, with a chord change that melts my guts, and before I know it Im looking for some adept. (169)Music prompts Rob to isolate himself, accord an unrealistic view of people and sabotage his relationships. Rob allows himself to get overcome with a feeling when listening to a song pertaining to that feeling. Many of the songs he mentions as his favorites or with signifi abidet meaning, relate to Rob?s life in that they have a lot to do with loneliness. One song in position that Rob wants to serve as his eulogy, ?Many Rivers to Cross,? by Jimmy Cliff touches upon aspects of his life, such as lon eliness, abandonment and anger.The title, which is repeated th rockyout the song, relates strongly to Rob overdue to the fact that it contains the word ?cross? in it. Having just broken up with his girlfriend, coming to grips with his fear of commitment and finding unhappiness with his occupation, Rob has just cross populacey boundaries in his life. He has taken on a sense of depression, which leads him to resort to anger all the time. The word ?cross? in the title can also relate to Rob?s anger. He is constantly ?cross? with his coworkersIf I have to listen to one more word of his useless, pathetic, meaningless gibber in my entire life I will kill him. When I let him go I am shaking with anger. (56)When on the topic of Ian, the man Laura left him for... in for the past few days has vanished? (60). At this point Rob acknowledges his defeat and realizes he cannot go on without Laura in his life because she was the one person he could rely on and talk to. With La ura gone, Rob resorts to a false comfort, his music.Rob is so passionate about music because it is the one electrostatic thing in his life. No one can take music away from him and it keeps him going. Music is what he uses to start conversations, make a living, fill up his apartment and to motivate him. The lyrics, ?It?s only my wind that keeps me alive? can be related to Rob?s music. The only thing that keeps him going during rough times is his music, his ?wind.? Music is a secure commitment, which will never walk out on him or die on him? music is his High Fidelity.whole kit and boodle CitedHornby, Nick (1995). High Fidelity. New York Riverhead Books.

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