Thursday, May 16, 2019

Group Brand Audit Project Essay

Your group assignment is to pick a stigmatise from the list of brands(attached) and conduct a thorough brand canvas. Each group must study and analyze a different brand. grades forget be assigned on a showtime come, first serve basis. pose your groups resource of brand and gp number on the questions for Prof/TA board so that e veryone understructure see your groups choice. This way, the other gps will know which brands are already taken on a first come first serve basis. Once your gp posts a brand choice (that is not already taken)- its yours.The brand audit analysis will be based on information from public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as your own master copy experiences and insights. Surveys or primary research are not required but can certainly be conducted and used as needed. The final Powerpoint report should be submitted using the assignment link on elearning. The space of the Brand Audit report should be approx. 30-40 ppt slides (not including any ap pendices or indicateences).Typically a thorough audit requires 30-40 hours of create which divided among 6 or 7 gp members usually amounts to an average of intimately 5-6 hrs of work per student. The following format and guideline will help streamline the approach and the process. A tentative modeling is available for you to review on page 132 of the textbook. This Rolex example is only thatan examplejust a very brief and concise example. I. Brand Inventory A current, comprehensive profile of how all products and services interchange by a company are marketed and branded.Read Also List of Exploratory Essay TopicsThis is primarily the supply-side view of the company and the brand. Should entangle (but not limited to) History of the brand Identification of all brand elements (logos, symbols, characters, packaging, slogans, trademarks). Brand architecture. Description of attributes of the product/idea/service. Profile of direct and indirect competitive brands (use points of pari ty and points of difference). imply market share and other relevant facts and figures. Brand Architecture and Hierarchy and brand product intercellular substance (where applicable). Pricing, profitability and market share of the brand.Distribution channels and policies. Supporting marketing communications/promotional programs. Brand personality as reflected by the brand elements and existing marketing mix. 1 II. Brand Exploratory This is usually the more challenging research and analytical component of this assignment. Actual consumer perceptions may or may not reflect those intended by the marketer. The Brand exploratory is aimed at understanding what consumers feel and think about the brand in order to identify sources of brand equity. Should include (but not limited to)Customer companionship of the brand (include Brand Mental Map). Brand Associations awareness, strength, favorability, consistency and uniqueness of brand associations. Main sources of Brand Equity (possible threa ts to Brand Equity) Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid (CBBE pyramid) Problem areas/inconsistencies of perception vs. market reality. The size, profile and acquire behavior of the most important customer segments. The depth and breath of Brand Awareness. A perceptual map showing the brand and its main competitors along the most important brand attributes.III. Conclusion & Recommendations Should include (but not limited to) SWOT analysis. A proposal for a positioning statement. Recommendations concerning how to measure, build and manage excess Brand Equity. IV. Appendix Supporting/additional Tables, Charts, Graphs, Figures, Photos, etc. V. References List only the material that you actually refer to in the report. Choose from this list of Brands (most of them from Business Weeks 100 Best Global Brands) Post your gps choice on the Ques for Prof/TA board on a first come first serve basis.

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