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Negotiations Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

Negotiations Journal - Essay Example The landlord was of course reticent to do this because he was not fond of the idea of spending more money in order to rent the apartment. From his perspective, other renters who were not so picky would take the apartment as is. However, having viewed several similar apartments that day, my friend and I were fully aware of the fact that for the same money that this particular apartment was renting for, it would be possible to rent a substitute. However, the issue was that we both loved the location, enjoyed the layout, neighborhood, and floor plan etc. Therefore, both of us were interested in trying to negotiate some type of satisfactory deal with the landlord. However, either as a result of our weak negotiating skills or the landlord’s refusal to give any leeway at all with regards to the price and/or condition of the current amenities, we were finally forced to take another apartment as our negations did not make any headway whatsoever. In the end, a host of factors contribut ed to this. These will be discussed in some greater detail and at length further in this worksheet. EXERCISE 2.1 Continued Creating and Claiming Value 2. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 on how well you created value in that negotiation, where 1 is "created little or no value" and 10 is "created a great deal of value." My effectiveness in creating value in my last negotiation was: ______4________. 3. Next, rate yourself from 1 to 10 on how well you claimed value in your last negotiation, where 1 represents "obtained little or no value for myself' and 10 represents "obtained a great deal of value for myself." My effectiveness in claiming value in my last negotiation was: ______1_________. The next step is to study how you create and claim value in your next three negotiations. This will help you determine your own pattern in creating and claiming value. To be an effective negotiator, you have to be good at both creating and claiming value. The following form has been designed to help you e xamine your own pattern of creating and claiming value. CREATING/CLAIMING VALUE FORM 1. Briefly summarize a second negotiation that you participated in on a separate sheet attached hereto as "Exercise 2.1: Attachment B." In the past, I was involved in quite a lengthy negotiation with my employer as how I might change my working hours so that they would be more amenable to my new schedule. This was a unique negotiation because it had varied interests involved in the mediation process. Firstly, and most obviously, there was the selfish interest that I had in order to make my work hours more convenient for me so that I could more easily enjoy my time, not have to wake up at an inconvenient hour, and spend more time concentrating on my studies etc. Likewise, from the employer’s perspective, the negotiation was centered around the fact that they could either deny the request and risk angering the employee (me) or grant it and work to find other personnel who could cover for the ti me gap that this would create. In order to facilitate the process of understanding and create value in the eyes of the employer, I worked to emphasize the many benefits that my employment brought to the company; as well as some of the many highlights of my career up until that point that were highly beneficial to the firm and their profit margin. Although it was a low paying job, my approach was to convince the employer, without appearing arrogant, that they would have a hard

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