Thursday, August 8, 2019

The influence of Bunuel on Latin American Cinema Essay

The influence of Bunuel on Latin American Cinema - Essay Example The paper "The influence of Bunuel on Latin American Cinema" concerns the surrealism and the figure of Bunuel. The Dada representatives disdained official art. In 1922 the movement of Dada propagated the dominance of the world of imagination and subconscious. Having become surrealists the former Dadaists started experimenting with the automatic writing. The idea was that one put down the words that occurred to a writer. The same principle was applied to painters who reflected on the canvas the images appearing in their head. In general the direction of surrealism prioritized the fabrication of psychological works rather than creating art masterpieces. The basic principle used in surrealism was irrationalism. Breton published â€Å"Manifesto of Surrealism† where he gave the explanation of this movement. Luis Buà ±uel was the introducer of surrealism to the cinema and in this way he became an innovator. He was prominent both in silent and modern films, he shot not only feature films but also documentaries. He is believed to be the first surrealist in the world of cinematic though he has several works that are said to be made in realistic and non-realistic manner. His most successful films were in the can when he was past 60. As a rule film directors either retire or have a substantial filmography at this age. Due to his rich life experience Buà ±uel touched upon several topics in his films: Yet despite all the innovations and permutations of his work, Buà ±uel remained suprisingly consistent.

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