Friday, August 9, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 5

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example ult or confusing because the range of his audience is very broad and this text deals with an issue which is not directed towards a specific audience but it seems to be directed towards general public and towards the authorized people who can implement his ideas about education. The philosophical nature of the text suggests that it is written keeping in mind the academic expert who has some understanding of what he wants to say. He generalizes his argument. For instance, he writes, â€Å"all education proceeds by the participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the race" (Dewey 77). Dewey is not talking about specific education, but the word â€Å"all† is used with the word education to talk about the education, in general. Generalization of the argument is one of his techniques to emphasize the importance of the topic he is discussing. In addition, another important aspect of his writing is his use of words, and his sentence structures are also very important rhetorical choices. Dewey is very prudent in his choice of words. He uses very simple words in the text. The use of simple wording in his arguments helps the readers in understanding the meaning of the text. Here is an excerpt from the text as an example is given to show how he uses simple words for facilitating the readers, â€Å"Without insight into the psychological structure and activities of the individual, the educative process will, therefore, be haphazard and arbitrary...if it does not, it will result in friction or disintegration, or arrest of the child nature" (Dewey 77). In addition to above, the sort of words, he uses in this article implies that whatever he is stating is true or fact. The word â€Å"believe† at the beginning of the every paragraphs function as an iteration which increases the importance of his argument and the words â€Å"true education† give the sense of truth or fact. Besides, the words â€Å"I believe† at the beginning of every paragraph also suggests that whatever,

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