Sunday, October 6, 2019

Astrological Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Astrological - Essay Example They are also good story tellers. I think that I am imaginative in a positive way. I am very much interested in riding a horse. Whenever I am free, I look forward to taking a horse ride because it gives me immense pleasure. I enjoy riding a horse because I had always imagined riding a horse from my early childhood. I don’t know it was cartoons or films but I am interested in horse riding from childhood. During horse riding I love to see beautiful sites. This has always been my dream and it has something to do with my astrological sign. Another good example that explains my imaginative power is that I like to try new things very often. I quickly get bore of doing the same thing. For example, I often rearrange of my room after every other month even if it only involves shifting my bed from one side to another. I have different posters set up on my bedroom walls and I keep on changing them as well. I try to make my room look different using my different posters and art work. I of ten am the one who persuade my friends to try out new and different things. Going out to same places very often is boring to me. I keep on planning different picnics and other activities with friends just to keep the spice in my life. For me, different is always better. Another interest of mine is to read short stories. I love to read short stories as they give me great pleasure. I also keep on thinking about writing a short story and think about different topics. These are some of the examples of my imaginative power. The second personality trait of my personality is cleverness. I think I am a clever person because I can pick new things very quickly. I am a fast learner as I quickly apply things that I see around me. I learned how to ride a horse with any major help. Also I prefer going through a website and reading about different things instead of relying on other people. I am also clever in a good way

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