Monday, October 28, 2019

Biological Personality Perspective by William Sheldon Essay Example for Free

Biological Personality Perspective by William Sheldon Essay According to William Sheldon, an American psychologist, personality of persons and their temperaments are developed according to the type of physical appearance the person has. Sheldon became to believe that there are three fundamental elements that contributed to person’s actual physique. He devoted his time trying to find the relationship between one’s physique and one’s character and personality. The process he underwent is examining photographs of various people, of various cultures and of various body types. He examined photographs by front, back and side views and generated information which he believes could determine one’s personality. After careful study, he generated the 3 body types which are: endomorphy, mesomorphy, and ectomorphy. According to Sheldon, those persons with endomorphic body are those with soft bodies, underdeveloped muscles, round-shaped and over-developed digestive system. It is said that persons with this type of body are usually tolerant, sociable, relaxed and has the need for affection. On the other hand, persons with mesomorphic body are those with hard, muscular body, overly mature appearance and usually are in upright posture. Characteristics associated with the person with this type of body are being adventurous, courageous, assertive, bold and has love for physical activities and risks. Persons with ectomorphic bodies are physically characterized by being thin, flat-chested, tall, lightly muscled and with delicate built. Usually they are self-conscious, introvert, artistic and emotionally restrained. Dissociative Disorder Reference: Dissociative   disorder is a psychiatric condition in which the person chronically escape in involuntary, unhealthy ways ranging from suppressing memories to assuming alternate identities. (Mayo Clinic, 2007). For a normal person, we tend to daydream when we watch movies, imagining we are one of the characters and enjoy the escape from reality for a short while and as the movie comes to an end we slowly get back to reality. For a person with dissociative disorder, he gets totally lost in his imaginations and has difficulty snapping out from the situations running in his mind. Treatments of this mental disorder include psychotherapy, hypnosis and medications.

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