Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Classroom Management Competency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Classroom Management Competency - Essay Example By doing this, the needs of the students were put first because alternatively, I could have chosen to teach the whole class together by applying a single teaching style, which would have been more convenient from the perspective of teaching. A class I recently taught in which I also developed a skill together with my students was during a lesson on how to improve listening ability in order to get a higher score on the listening section of the IELTS. Students were taught to re-read the questions and the answers before the listening passage started. From this, they could then narrow their focus and concentrate on the nature of the answer, be it a telephone number, a name, a street address etc. I conducted a thorough research for this in the area of pre-listening and on how to develop the appropriate listening ability for taking standardized tests, and then applied the knowledge I gained to practical use for the guidance and benefit of the students. I believe that when teaching a class of mixed ability students, it is necessary to adapt the material to suit the needs of a particular group of those students within the class itself. Therefore, I have often divided students into different groups, usually into lower, intermediate and advanced. By using the same material, I normally differentiate instructions for each group. This is achieved by using the same material in the class, but varying the assignment for each group according to their ability. The course materials are thus adapted by simplifying them for struggling students and using them in a challenging way for students that are abler.

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