Saturday, July 27, 2019

Business plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Business plan - Assignment Example The business has future projects of expanding its operations to the foreign markets and thereby expands the markets of the business to enable the business increase the sales to greater heights and then maximize on the profits (Abrams 2003). Joytex business is a partnership business that mainly deals with the production and marketing of the textile products. That is the reason why the name has got a suffix ‘tex’ because of the textile products production and selling in the business. It is located in Toronto in Canada Form of Business Ownership My form of business is Partnership. This form of business is owned by all the partners. I chose this form of business unit because here, different efforts can be combined to produce high quality output. This is because of job specialization that further leads to division of labour. Again raising of capital is not that hectic because the partners contribute in raising capital to start the business. Another reason that made me choose this form of business is that losses are shared among the partners and is not left for one (Abrams 2003). The business targets all categories of individuals ranging from children to the adults. The main reason for this is that most businesses in the area are mainly focussing on the ladies products and not any other. With all this category of people, the business therefore creates a wider market that will translate positively to an increase in the volume o sales. Businesses treat customers as their kings and queens therefore it is not ideal and advisable to concentrate in one particular group of people (Abrams 2003). The customers will prefer buying from me because the products that Joytex enterprises sell to them are the most current in terms of fashion and also are an improvement compared to the ones that are rendered by the competitors. The

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