Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Writting paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Writting paper - Essay Example Even the terrible thought of getting beheaded by the king does not let down the protagonist in the beginning. And even in such a terrible situation the protagonist is brave enough to face the king who is going to behead him. But here also the fate of the protagonist works and the king’s heart melts. The hero then goes through many unexpected journeys of life in which he is also sold as a slave. He is treated inferior to other individuals because of the race to he belongs. And moreover he is conned by many of his fellow beings. The hero is seen as a person who has strong faith in his God because of which he cannot see foul play in this world. He is unaware of the thoughts which the people have in this world about him. And even though he has many opportunities to revenge from the individuals that have done bad to him, he does not take revenge. He rather believes in the notion that he would get a better life hereafter if he lets go these individuals. The hero is seen to be very innocent too as when it is seen that he trusts people too easily. And because of this trust he loses a great amount of property that he has made in his life. The story depicts the life of an innocent individual who is seen to be bestowed with mercy at many instances by the God. It is seen that the individua l at lot of instances has been helped by God. In situations in which he has no one God provides him a path through which he can be able to survive. The story gives a platform for the believers to learn that usually the hardcore believers of God are shown paths by themselves and these believers should not lose hope no matter how harsh the situation is. It depicts that the world is full of individuals who are both nice and ugly. But it is not necessary that the ugly people should be given a bad

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