Monday, July 22, 2019

Sports Utility Vehicles Essay Example for Free

Sports Utility Vehicles Essay The paper referred to with this text is the one entitled â€Å"Sports Utility Vehicles: The real cost of power,† and the intention in this document is to endeavor to explain the revision process and what I personally learnt from that process as it applies to this paper. In revising the paper, apart from the obvious spelling, punctuation, grammatical and referencing corrections, I also needed to look at the hypothesis, structure and argument basis. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, revision is necessary to ensure that the research and conclusions reached are in accordance with the main theme of the paper, and that it does not raise additional points, which have been left, unanswered. In the respect of the hypothesis question, upon reviewing my work I found that it was necessary to revise from the original, as this was not concisely presented, nor were the original boundaries of the question defined in a manner that was easy to follow. It therefore needed to be more clearly defined. Similarly, from the structural aspect, there was a need for this to be reorganized. In its initial format, some of the points portrayed in the paper were not organized in a manner that clearly led the reader from one to the next, creating what might have appeared to be a disjointed approach to the subject. Clarity was also one of the reasons for the revision. In parts of the paper, it was found that points were made for which there was no supporting evidence, or the relevance of those points to the hypothesis were not connected properly. During the revision of the work, these points were revisited. In most cases, it was possible to provide further clarification, which addressed the issues. However, it was found in one or two instances that further research was necessary to either support the point raised or re-analyze it. The other aspect of the original paper that did require revision was that of the citations and quotations. In some original cases, these did not provide ease of access for the reader and would have reduced the value of the paper as a credible research document. Some of the references were too vague and in other instances, references and bibliographical connections were missing. I believe that the value that I personally gained from the process of the revision of this paper will benefit future research and other work that I undertake. I learnt the importance of being able review work in an objective manner, questioning the arguments raised in an effort to seek their relevance to the issues being addressed and the hypothesis itself. In addition, I learnt that the style of writing and the structure of the document, in terms of both the sentences and the ordered manner of presenting points raised, make a significant difference to the clarity of the document and impacts upon it knowledge value for the reader or student. As a result, I believe that the revising of the SUV paper will provide me with the ability to produce a better standard of work in the future. It will also enable me to improve my knowledge and development skills. Work Cited Anon (2006). Revising the draft. The Writing Center, University of North Carolina. Retrieved 6 December 2006 from http://www. unc. edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/revision. html

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