Sunday, September 29, 2019

Derailed – Creative Writing

It had rained the night before, and mist was creeping in, like a soft blanket of cold steam. It was silent. The grim reaper was waiting silently for blood. Not even the birds dare tweet. The reaper lifts his hefty but swift scythe. Just as he is about to drop it†¦ â€Å"Don't you worry love, you're only dreaming again.† Margaret slides out of bed and plods off to fetch a glass of water for Daniel. She stared through the windowpane, and out of the four walls that she and Daniel call home. It was cold and wet, perfect weather for Ducks though. It had rained the night before, and mist was creeping in, like a soft blanket of cold steam. Maggie (as she likes to be called), twisted the cold steel, and a cold transparent liquid flowed out, making a racket as it hit the bottom of the sink. After filling her glass, she shut off the flow of water, and turned sharply around. Just as she did so, she nearly had the shock of her life. In front of her was a hairy ape, stamping towards her with half-closed eyes!! Maggie then put her arms around this beast, and told him to drink the glass of water and to get a bath. Maggie then turned on the TV and was pleased to see that her favourite quiz show was due on in about 15 minutes. Daniel smiled and turned to face the towering stairs. He started to climb the stairs. He reached the landing and for some unknown reason decided to turn around and stare out of the window. He stopped tipped his head to one side and thought about something for a second, said a brief de-ja-vous and carried on with his quest which was to have a bath. Daniel reached the bathroom and started to run a bath. After a brief shave, his bath was ready to dive in to. He dived in and while washing himself, (and doing other bathroom activities) he thought about the day ahead. First activitie of the day was to pack some clothes as he had train journey to deal with and then he would†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Oh, I am so sorry, how can I write a story without describing the main character, and his family to you first. Daniel is a 36-year-old entrepreneur , who, at the age of twenty-two, decided to start his own business , making computer components. He had a bad turn at the age of twenty-six and nearly went bankrupt due to a downfall in the price of shares in the computer components. Now he is doing fine (nearly a millionaire) and him and his wife are very happy and content. He is 5ft 6in and has a distinctive chubby look about him. Daniel has a warm chubby face and sparkling hazel-brown eyes. Handsome for a 36 year old, the females might say. Mggi4e was Daniels sectary until 10 years ago, when they got engaged. Unfortunately, however, she fell on a slippery supermarket floor and nearly broke her neck. She can walk but excessive movement could severely injure her. Maggie is just over 5ft 4in and quite thin. She used to have a wide stature and used to be slightly overweight. She lost this weight due to a strict diet and living regime. Her blonde curly locks hang over her shoulders and are complemented by her warm blue eyes. Anyway, continuing on with what the day held for him:- After his morning shift, Daniel was to call a workers meeting, to outline his plans and to hand out raises, awards ect. Daniel then had the rest of the day off so that he could sleep to prepare to travel down to London to visit his old mate Joe. He would travel by train, which it cheep an if on time quicker than car. It cost a tidy forty pounds and would take 3 hours (from Durham). Not bad and especially for Dan as he would travel by first class. This meant that could enjoy his journey and have drinks, food etc as well. Monday morning (12th May) A shrill ringing woke Dan a 6am. He was staying for two days and started packing accordingly. He didn't take much as he only needed clothes and deodorant to take with him. He had a few get-well cards from friends, by these didn't way much and weren't at all bulky. He then had his break fast and wash etc. Daniel kissed Margaret good by, opened the front door and his garage. A gentle breeze came out of nowhere and I take away card fluttered past and landed at the front of Daniel's short drive. He dawdled over and picked it up. He looked at it and saw nothing unusual other than a line saying 21:00 no 1365. Dan though nothing of it, only a bit of scrap paper, and got in his car. As he turned the ignition key and placed his luggage in the passenger seat, he felt a weird buttelfy feeling in his stomach. This was odd. Since dan had not exercised properly, he didn't have any problems. A thought raced across the vast screen of his mind. It might be a stomach ulcer. His had a history of them, but Daniel had been lucky for the past sixteen years. The thought diminished and he reversed his car and carried on. It was only a twenty-minute journey and it passed away quickly and with no problems. The car pulled up at the car park and slowly screeched to a halt. Daniel slid out, paid his two pay and display charge and jumped back in his car. He then practiced the difficult not so accent art of parking and slowly got out. The station was normal. The hustle and bustle of every day lime. Many of the passengers are businessmen and women probably going to work. Dan glanced at his watch, which said 8:30 am. There was time for a coffee. Just as he turned around to head for the cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½, a high-pitched squeal dived out of the speakers and into the maze that was Dan's ears. The squealing halted and the tannoy sounded. â€Å"Could all passengers for the train number 1365 Durham to London please listen. The train will not be here at 21:00 as scheduled but will be delayed for about 15 minutes. These delays are due uncontrollable circumstances. Thank you†. Daniel sighed, as this was his train. All of a sudden, his spine tingled and he sensed a feeling of de-ja-vous. He had 2100 no 1365 on a piece of paper. He could not remember when or where but he knew he had seen it. Dan turned back towards the cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ and walked towards it. Unusually, he felt he was being watched. He strained his neck to glance over his shoulder when a small hand touched his shoulder. Dan jumped and turned sharply around. â€Å"How are you Dan†. It was Joann; Daniel's secretary from work. Dan replied with a mumbled, â€Å"I'm alright â€Å". Joanne sensed that something was wrong, but thought it best not to ask what. She walked on and faded into the crowd. Dan turned towards the cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ and strolled along towards it with his small luggage, slung over his shoulder. He finally reached his destination and opened the door. Swinging his bag from his shoulder, he sat down. His arse landed on the soft, warm seat (probably warmed by some clean dude who farted constantly) and Dan started to relax. He had hardly been there for a few seconds when an attractive young waiter approached Daniel. She was about 5ft tall and had long locks of curly hair Dangling from her head and down onto her peninsular-like shoulders. She was thin but obviously liked working out, as I could tell from the clear lines on her long arms. Her hands were small and boney, but were terribly scared. The waiter spoke with a small but kind voice. â€Å"Would you like anything sir†, she squeaked. After a few seconds of deliberation, Daniel replied, â€Å"A black coffee please love†. Rachel (it said on her nametag) then chirped â€Å"Be with you in a minute sir†, and then scarpered off to prepare a coffee for Daniel. Just as she said, she returned in less than two minutes with a black coffee, hot and steaming, in a large mug. Daniel sprinkled two sachets of sugar into his mug, and then sipped. He looked around the area where he sat, and sniffed the polluted air. The cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ was small, with the tables in rows of four. The tables had four chairs each and bottles of sauce and condiment sets sat proudly in the middle on top of a tablecloth. The cloth was opulent and excreted a clean, lemon fresh odour that made you think of spring. The cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ was quite eventful and obviously made a good, if not excellent turnover. Daniel finished his coffee and dawdled up to the till to pay. He paid and on his way out, placed a tip of à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½5 in the hand of the waiter. â€Å"Thanks love. Here, have this as a token of my appreciation for good service.† The waiter thanked Daniel and he continued on. All of a sudden the tannoy sounded, following that same annoying squeal. â€Å"Would all passengers for the no 1365 train please make their way to platform four. We are terribly sorry for the delay. Thank you.† Daniel grabbed his bags, and jogged straight up to platform four. To everyone's bewilderment four police officers, accompanied by four dogs and an armed swat team were standing by the train, carefully looking at everyone suspiciously. The officers and dogs then started to weave in and between passengers, as though they were sniffing for drugs and other illegal objects. The dog came up to Daniel, sniffed his bags and then barked viciously at Daniel. Two officers immediately sprinted over and searched ferociously through his bags. Sure enough, there were drugs in Daniels bag, but they were legal and prescribed by Dan's doctor. The police officers apologised, helped Daniel to fill his bag, and the toddled over to their positions. The next obstruction was a portable metal detector. Everyone was strolling through it, speculating at what caused this annoying chaos. Dan strolled through it, just as everyone had, and then boarded the train. He got on the train, and stared down the aisle. He glimpsed the door to the first class lounge, and wandered down towards it. The first class lounge was spacious and well ventilated. The buffet counter was in the next carriage to the first class and smelt of common aromas such as pie and chips. The carriage had a slight stench of chip fat and an eerie glimmer of flickering light shed out of the broken bar light. Stepping back into the first class lounge, he looked at his ticket and observed the seat number 321. Daniel walked down the first class lounge, selected his seat and sat on it. He was tired and immediately fell asleep, never to wake again. The train was derailed and no one knows why. The press speculate about why the train was derailed and why there were armed guards at the station. The police won't let on either.

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