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Foundations of Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Foundations of Marketing - Essay Example Many companies have ventured into the cosmetic industry as it is highly profitable since beauty products are very expensive and the demand is very high. Most people in the current generation would like to keep their bodies healthy, beautiful and good looking. A light skin and a well-shaped body structure is what demonstrate the desire of many people. Many advertisements use the notion of beauty in promotion and marketing of products. Beauty has turned out to be a form of attraction and everyone for this reason; does wish to be beautiful and admirable. The beauty industry has turned out to be a gold mine as companies make huge amounts of profits and the selling season runs continuous annually. Beauty products infer psychologically that consumers are taking charge of their beauty, hygiene and healthiness by regularly using beauty products. Women use to be the leading agents of beauty and cosmetics thus female beauty products made booming sales in the beauty market. Lately, men have tur ned out to show their admiration of healthy living and body maintenance. Men are currently aware of the importance of beauty as they take keen attention to beautifulness, aesthetics, healthiness youthfulness and thinness. All these are considered to be factors that draw men close to youthfulness and far away from aging options. Consumer behaviour This is a collection of entities that determine the consumer’s preference in buying certain products. There are divided into four major sections. These are: social, cultural, personal and psychological. Culture Human beings are surrounded by the society and culture. Cultural values have a great influence on the human way of thinking. It directly affects their preferences and the choices they make. In the context of marketing, culture is viewed as the driving factor to different perceptions, norms values, wants, attitudes, beliefs and manners acquire by a member of a given society from the surrounding environment of people with the sa me language, behaviour and form of living. Culture gives people the mentality to judge what is appropriate, normal and expected by the society (Cole, 2008. Pg. 23). This notion plays a big role in marketing of commercial products. It has influenced the choice and taste in beauty and the choosing of men’s products. The geographical surrounding of people is the basis of culture and its influence to in the selection of fashion and beauty materials. A European man has his style of fashion and beauty accessories that are different from the American man or the African man. In this case, some beauty products are designed to be global based items but end up selling in selective parts of the world. In the men’s perspective, this can be articulated to culture which influences preferences and choice of commodities. People who belong to the same culture same interests, values as well as behaviour. This can be linked to the similarity in brand preferences and distinct products. The orists believe that people are adapting to diversity in culture. In this case consumerist lifestyle is in the verge of overshadowing the cultural motivated preferences that people grow up with having acquired them form their upbringing surroundings. Consumerist lifestyle heartens people to linger in adopting new needs and desires. Social factors Social groups have a lot of impact on

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