Monday, September 9, 2019

U.S Exam 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

U.S Exam 3 - Essay Example This ruling brought the balance between the state and the federal government. Federalism caused differences in the way the US government operated. According to his judgments, the federal law was more superior to the State. Most of his rulings aimed at reducing the monopolies that overtook the business realm in the 1800’s. Marshal was able to prevent the state government from using too much beyond their jurisdiction to control business activities. In 1810, Marshall made a ruling between Fletcher v Peck insisting that businesses should avoid breach of contracts if they are to succeed. Marshal also ensured that corporation and organization transact business as individuals and own properties like humans. The government played a crucial role in promoting the transport sector during this period. The government built roads, canals, and railways to promote the business industry that was rapidly growing. During this time, sea transport provided the cheapest transport. This encouraged the government to build many canals in the country. Journeys became shorter and business transactions and, operations moved faster. Transport also helped in improving the communication. Most of the letters managed to reach their destinations efficiently. A journey that took 12 hours reduced to 4 hours by the introduction and development of the transport system. The roads and the canals encouraged rural urban migration. Most of the businesses erupted and expanded. The streets were full and, the per capita income of the country rose by 50% mainly due to the new transport resources. Technology was encouraged while mechanization set in. Most of the people changed their demand to manufactured good. Women stopped spinning and bough clothing from the textile companies. The civil war between the South and the North resulted into many farmers abandoning their farms and fleeing their homes. Most of the slaves who were crucial

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