Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ethical Dilemma Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethical Dilemma Capstone - Essay Example ry, which states that what happens in a state is its own affair as long as it takes place within the limits of the international law then the US had no right to interfere whatsoever (Burge 9). However, there are instances where human rights violations are so severe that the use of force from outside is the only way to halt such scenarios. Therefore, the concept of non-interference must occasionally be overlooked by the international states to protect the targeted population. Nonetheless, this right or duty of humanitarian intervention sometimes acts against the consent of a state or its leaders for purposes that are claimed to be humanitarian, but some action does have hidden motives (Abbott, 8). For instance, the US was giving financial aid and military advice to French in Indochina. This was, however, primarily because America was concerned with keeping the Indochinese resources in a friendly way for the benefit of itself and its allies (Burge, 9). The American society was getting concerned with the financial aid that the U.S government was spending on French war. The U.S official reaction to this was; if they allowed communists to take over in countries in the Southern Asia, then America would face serious repercussions that would affect the political and economy of the U.S. Consequently, communism would spread to other parts of the world, thereby affecting the stability of the European region (Smith, 1). Although the U.S provided French with money, weapons and supplies they did not participate in the actual fighting. Later on when Viet Minh launched a major attack, France implored the U.S for direct military support but did not get any. Without the support of the allies the French forces stood little chance against an enemy with superior weapons, but on the other hand, they actually supported the Vietnam with their military. Thus, U.S would only participate in intervention when they stood to gain something. As Americans continued to aver support and

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