Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pakistan Movement To Get A Separate Homeland Essay -- informative essay

Islam is the complete code of life; it covers all aspects of life. Hence, political management and political system are necessary elements of human life and Islam has best explained and endorsed its own theory of political system. Following are the essentials of Islam. 1. Sovereignty belongs to Allah. In Islam, the authority belongs to Allah Almighty who is the master of whole universe. His commands are superior to all other speeches. He is the real and the only ruler of the world. As the Quran States: â€Å"They ask: have we also got some authority? Say: all authority belongs to God alone†. (Al –Quran) Therefore, in Islamic political system, people must believe in superiority of Allah who sustains this universe and sends his representatives. 2. Islamic Shariah as Constitution. Muslim state has its perfectly written constitution, in which rights and duties of everyone are clearly mentioned. Islamic Shariah refers to rules and regulations have to lead their lives. In the Shariah, duties of state, citizen’s role, and their rights are commanded. It covers each and every aspect of life and that will last forever. As Allah Say: â€Å"This day We have perfected your religion and completed My favors†. (Al –Quran) 3. Form of Government. There are so many contemporary theories about form of government for instance, autocracy (rule and authority belongs of experts), democracy (rule by people, for the people). However, Islam prescribed the Theo democracy, which is the combination theocracy and democracy. Islam commanded that is rule of experts of shriah which are elected by citizen of the state 4. Decision through consultation: In Islamic political, khilafat is conducted by mutual consult... ...unter that situation, Sir Syed’s Aligarh movement was aimed at benefiting Muslim by directory then to get western education to be at all to par with Hindus and British. But, the philosophy of deoband was completely opposite to it, they restrict Muslim from getting western education. And in result, the deoband achieved limited sphere of influence. 3. Unclear vision: The mullahs of deoband were opposing the cooptation with British on one side, and while they were also apposed the Pakistan movement to get a separate homeland. So they had not a clear vision their movement. Though deoband movement was less popular than Aligarh Movement but, nevertheless, the importance to bring Muslim unity on the basis of Islam cannot be ignored. Their efforts and propose ware noble as they wanted to create social Justice and harmony for the Indian Muslim.

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