Friday, June 14, 2019

Analyze a Business Case Study. Provide an analysis with an application Essay

Analyze a Business Case Study. Provide an analysis with an occupation of at least two theories relating to Ethics. They also provide recommend what action should be taken - Essay ExampleThe ethical issue is accepting the $50 bill and locating and providing a room for Liz Borden, despite eminent knowledge that no rooms were apparently available for the night. For giving a room to Liz Borden, Paige Lewis profaned the duty-based ethics or deontological ethics, which was premised on the right motive is to do the right thing, to do ones duty, to respect the moral virtue (LaFave, 2006, p. 1). Paige Lewis has full knowledge that it is her responsibility to abide by the reservations made by customers, pursuant to the Code of Conduct and the hotels policies and procedures regarding reservations. As it was disclosed that the hotel was completely schedule that night and there is clearly stipulated policy that states Honor the reservations at all cost (Lieberman and Nissen, 2008, p. 121). Cl early, Lewis violated company policies and the hotels Code of Conduct under responsibilities with clients, which indicates that members will not promise any benefit that is not within their control to deliver (International Association of Hospitality Advisors Responsibilites wit Clients, n.d., par. 5).Concurrently, Paige Lewis also violated trust of its employer by accepting the $50 bill, considered as a donation to locate a potential room for Liz Borden. It itself, this is again a violation of the Deontological theory that stipulates that a bribe is morally wrong (Practical Business Likewise, under consequentialist theory, the outcome of Paige Lewis action, displacing the young woman of a room that was rightfully hers in the first place could potentially gamble her position when complaints would be filed against her and the hotel.holding times (meaning, the time needed to wait for the customers who made the reservations to arrive within the stipulated time frame). If there is a hold arrange of say, within one hour from the time of arrival indicated, and if any guest did not call to confirm

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