Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Psychological and Social Factors in Informed Consent for Patients with Case Study

Psychological and Social Factors in Informed Consent for Patients with Autism - Case Study Example(2011) examined the levels of understanding and perceptions on the need to transmit randomized controlled trials among professionals, users and care givers concerned with provision of intellectual care, including care for autism cases. There was poor understanding of the principles attributable to randomized controlled trials among care givers and users, but understanding was higher(prenominal) among professionals. The authors noted that lack of understanding has negative implications on social validity of random controlled trials.Chen, Xu, Huang and Dhar (2013) conducted research into the levels of awareness, attitudes and experiences among a sample that comprised parents of children who were undergoing genetic testing owing to their condition. to a greater extent participants were in support of genetic testing research, mainly citing early intervention and motivation, identification o f the causes of the condition, and family planning as their motivations. Competence of medical staff handling the tests was highlighted as a major concern among participating parents. Minority groups in the sampled population appeared to have lesser understanding of the importance of the procedure. At the psychological level, researchers are advance to learn the needs of such individuals to encourage their participation.Chen, L., Xu, L., Huang, T. & Dhar, S. U. (2013). Autism genetic testing A qualitative study of awareness, attitudes, and experiences among parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Genetics in Medicine. 15(4) 274-281.Robotham, D., King, M., Canagasabey, A., Inchley-Mort, S. & Hassiotis, A. (2011). Social validity of randomized controlled trials in health services research and intellectual disabilities A qualitative exploration of stakeholder views. Trials. 12

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