Thursday, June 13, 2019

Senior Project - Team Video Analysis Report Essay

Senior Project - Team Video Analysis Report - Essay Example3. Order bodys are not coordinated which is s baseborning the process of shipping. As Warren and Jack discuss the current systems, it is clear that the process is extending the wait time to an untenable period of time for twain the economic competency of the family and in the wait time for the consumer. 4. The system as they process orders is being stalled at the book storage area. 5. The meeting that was utilize to convince Elizabeth was not successfully presented. Elizabeths concerns about finances were only addressed in a cursory way, thus she comes out of the meeting with low confidence about how it give be received by the board. 6. While the new integration process has potential, the project calls for the use of some of the existing employees in the IT department, but there is no discussion as to how their current duties will be handled while they are on the new project. This is liable(predicate) to incur limite d costs on the backend. Week 3 Problem 1 The problem that Debbie has noted in the post-purchase system where customer service is concerned is an example of the problems that the company has with a lack of integrated systems in which the entire process of purchasing has been considered. The specific issues that have emerged with post consumer relations are quite easily pertinacious for the initial problems by first creating a more than consumer friendly directory for contacting the company on the website and then by second making the menus for the telephone system more user friendly and less time consuming. Because of the time spent handling the complaints about the system, the efficiency of post-consumer purchase is hampered. Thus, in making these two simple changes, the well-nigh important aspect of the purchase process is saved that which gives the consumer a good experience and encourages them to repeat their business. Problem 2 The organization is failing to meet expectation s where the charge of fellowship is concerned. Because the information is given out in doses to those involved in projects, it is clear that decisions are being made without full exploration of the problems that are likely to arise. Elizabeth seems to be the last to know and isnt given a full picture of what is required rather than at the head of the enterprise. In the process of deciding how to increase productivity, she is listening to only one idea that has a high price tag without considering alternatives, thus she does not have a wide knowledge of the possible solutions. She needs to insist on options so that she approaches the problem with a wider level of information, which is then shared with all who would be involved. Problem 3 The system is not being run at the efficiency that it could be run, but the proposed project to increase the efficiency is both costly and will consume a great deal of man hours. It is clear that alternatives need to be explored. Alternatives need t o be explored by Warren so that he is sure that Jacks proposal is the best possible solution, both financially and towards the increased efficiency. Problem 4 The focus, just as it is in Jacks plan, is to increase the efficiency at the book storage area. This area requires people power rather than automation which is decreasing time efficiency. However, Jacks plan automates this area and will change the labor needs. The costs of the labor in balance with the costs of the new system should be weighed, thus challenging the need to lose employees and whether or not

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