Monday, June 10, 2019

National Response Framework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

National Response Framework - Assignment ExampleNRF provides guidelines on how a republic should respond to any types of disasters and emergencies regardless of the intensities. Its pegged on flexible, scalable and adaptable concepts identifiable by the national incident management system to align find roles and responsibilities across the nation.Terrorism is a global problem that requires advanced preparedness and management. Terrorism is characterized by mass oddment that include fatal injuries, death and destruction of properties. Terrorist are not afraid of death and they rejoice when they kill as many innocent civilians as possible. In this regard, the best strategy of combating terrorism is measure strategies as opposed to reactionary strategies. This is why National Response Framework plays a vital role in combating terrorism.Well, terrorists do not operate in a vacuum society. In this regard, there is an extensive intelligence report that there will be a coordinated terror ism plan to subprogram improvised explosives devices (IED) to detonate bombs at major USA citys sports arena. According to the intelligence source, the effort will occur in Inglewood Sports Arena during the much(prenominal) awaited CA the gathering. The Forum usually attracts comprising at least 10, 000 spectators. The large number is mostly due to high profile people that attend the Forum and economic benefits attached to it. The Forum will occur for 3 days starting on 15th expose 2015 and ending at 17th March 2015. The date of the attack is not specific but is believed that since the forum will be 15th and 17th, the attack is likely to occur on either dates. The threat is a well-coordinated activities. According to the intelligence, 3-5 suicide bombers will stage themselves in arena with an aim of detonating the bombs to cause mass panic and evacuation of the arena of the forum. The second attack will contain 1-2 large vehicle bombs (LVB) in a parking facility near entertain ment complex. On the third attack will involve a series of

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