Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sandwich Generation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sandwich Generation - Essay ExampleFirst of all, Sandwich Generation is the modern generation that provides consequence importance to geriatric c atomic number 18/child care. But this creates much stress among those who are responsible for care giving to their parents and children. Besides, wo workforcefolk face more task than men because they are forced to play multiple roles in their families. To be specific, this role-play in real life creates emotional detachment from day to day life problems. For instance, children must(prenominal) be dealt with due care and attention. But when ones duty/responsibility is divided between ones own child and parent, at that place is high possibility for emotional fatigue. Stebbins (2001) makes clear that, Eldercare issues are the most acute for women in the so-called sandwich generation, those with both eldercare and childcare responsibilities occurring at the same epoch (p.48). If the individual is an employee, work place relationships may b ecome problematic. Those who are running between work and personal responsibilities may face the problem of overloading responsibilities. Rogers (2010) states that, Many of these caregivers watch over themselves pulling double duty as they struggle to care for an aging parent while raising their children and tending to other familial and work responsibilities (p.338). integrity can easily identify that Sandwich Generation does not ignore their duties, but are totally immersed within the same. When they work at their offices, they face withdrawal anxiety because their loved ones are eagerly waiting for them at their homes. This basic problem leads the Sandwich Generation to a dilemmatic situation of guilty consciousness. Another problem face by the Sandwich Generation is financial problem resulting from care giving. Still, they do not consider this as a serious problem because they are aware of their duty towards their children and parents. Babiarz (2007) opines that, Healthcare d ecision-making ability is the first issue raised when someone

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