Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Contemporary Management Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Contemporary Management Practice - Essay ExampleVarious theories have been created in the past intimately oversight and researchers continue to use old theories and come up with sweet ones. Over this time period, great preliminaryes to management have been identified. This paper will cover version various management approaches and how these approaches are used by theater directors and those who are studying management. Body Empirical or case approach is one of the various management approaches that have been studied and often used in organizations. It is based on the assumption, that current managers can solve their problems through the experience of previous managers and what those managers did to solve issues go about by management (KOONTZ, 2004, p.16). This study states that people new to the management positions in the organizations can learn from the successful and the unsuccessful experiences that other managers have already been through. This approach is used in manage ment educational centres for the help upcoming managers. This kind of management approach does not provide any practical aid until it is utilise to practical problems. The downside of this approach is that this approach is based on generalization. This means that managers who follow this approach end up applying same problem solving methods to new scenarios although new scenarios may be different from older ones. Human behaviour approach is yet another approach that scientists came up with to explain what managers have to do to master an organization successfully. The behavioural approach of management suggests that managers can operate in a better fashion if they learn about individual as well up as group behaviour and they can use this knowledge to make people to devise for the interest of the organization (DAFT, 2011, p.33). The theorists of this approach suggest that satisfied workers work harder and their levels of productivity are high. Behavioural studies merely pay emph asis to the human discriminate of the organization and exclude the re primary(prenominal)ing parts with which managers have to deal. Vilfred Pareto and Chest Bernard came up with the social systems approach, according to this approach an organization consists of various individual who work together to achieve organizations aims and objectives (JACKSON, 2000, p.100). This approach states that managers need work in cooperation with workers by understanding the behaviour of individuals working in an organization to achieve organizational goals. Socio technical systems approach is a management approach that suggests that managers should not only pay emphasis to the social system of the organization, they even have to give importance to the technical system (CHASE, 2006, p.195). The approach further suggests that if an organization has to run successfully, and so both the technical system and the social system of the organization should work together. This approach of management does n ot only focus on the human part of the organization, it even pay emphasis to the technological part of the organization that managers have to deal with to bring in change and keep the organization updated. Every managers main duty is to make decisions to help solve organizations problems. One management approach that only pays emphasis to the decision make side of a manager is known as decision theory approach (FLOMBERG, 2008, p.60). The theory suggests that all managers have to make decisions each day and the main task of all managers is to make rational decisions. They have to ensure that the decision they are making is in the best interest of the organization and the people they are representing. The downside of this approach is that this approach ignores other elements of management and only emphasises on the decision maki

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