Monday, June 17, 2019

Warehousing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Warehousing - Essay Exampleaddressing this question is that it appears as though coca plant Cola does not utilize one standardized entrepot method across all the countries that it operates in. According to the Coca Cola Company website the business nonplus utilized by the company is that it utilizes bottling partners that often function as independent companies. These independent companies are responsible for producing, packaging storing selling and distri yeting them. So whether or not the company utilizes an efficient warehousing method depends entirely on which independent bottling contractor is doing the work.In the Canadian context the company hast ten independent bottling partners but by far, the largest organization is Coca-Cola Ltd. (CCL) which is the Canadian subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company (Coca Cola website, 2010).According to the Business Wire 2004 it is the case that Coca-Cola Canada built a massive new statistical distribution center/ warehouse in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. This structure amounted to a 7,000 square meter building in the Hawthore industrial park of Ottawa. However it is the case that according to the Canadian press (2004) there were already a significant number of warehousing facilities across Ontario with eleven warehousing facilities and 2,300 employees working in a warehousing ability for this Market. More over, according to The Canadian press 2004 it is the case that the new installing represents a serious investment in modernization at a cost of over $9million. The building will be large enough to support over 100 fleet vehicles However it could be argued that investing in this newer modernized facility represents a systematic approach that involves constant business process improvements across the organization.One additional warehousing situation for Coca Cola is that it is not warehousing one simple product. Again, using the Canadian context, according to the Company website (2010) the company stocks Coke Products (Coke classic, caffeine free, coke zero, diet coke

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